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253 Military edit See also: Late Roman army: Diocletian It is archaeologically difficult to distinguish Diocletian's fortifications from those of his successors and predecessors. A b Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius,. Serena Connolly, Lives behind the Laws: The World of the Codex Hermogenianus. Diocletian and the Roman Recovery. The Cambridge Ancient History, Volume XII: The Crisis of Empire. On 20 December 303, 189 Diocletian cut short his stay in Rome and left for the north. 178 A second fire occurred sixteen days after the first. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Oxford New York: Oxford University Press, 1998. 193 On 1 May 305, Diocletian called an assembly of his generals, traditional companion troops, and representatives from distant legions. SHA, Vita Cari 13, cited in Averil Cameron, The Later Roman Empire (Glasgow: Fontana, 1993. In a 31 March 302 rescript from Alexandria, he declared that low-status Manicheans must be executed by the blade, and high-status Manicheans must be sent to work in the quarries of Proconnesus ( Marmara Island, Turkey) or the mines of Phaeno in southern Palestine. 259 The fifth-century pagan Zosimus, by contrast, praised Diocletian for keeping troops on the borders, rather than keeping them in the cities, as Constantine was held to have done.

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267 Arrears became the norm for most troops. It is likely that Maxentius received the same treatment. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 89; Williams,. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 6; Southern, 137. 267 Economic edit Taxation edit In the early empire (30 BC  AD 235) the Roman government paid for what it needed in gold and silver. Jones, The Later Roman Empire, 284602: A Social, Economic and Administrative Survey (Oxford: Blackwell, 1964 594, cited in Cascio, "The New State of Diocletian and Constantine" (CAH 173. On the same day, Severus received his robes from Maximian in Milan. Most officials who had served under Carinus, however, retained their offices under Diocletian. In this system of counting, the beginning of Diocletian's reign in 284 was used as the epoch, making Diocletian's first year in power into the Year 1 of that calendar. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 45; Odahl, 3940; Williams, 3637.

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  • K l i n Latin: Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus Augustus born Diocles (22 December 2443 December 311 was a Roman emperor from 284 to 305.
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Juli ( mehr, mehr, mehr, mehr und mehr ) und. 214 Administrative edit In keeping with his move from an ideology of republicanism to one of autocracy, Diocletian's council of advisers, his consilium, differed from those of earlier emperors. Rumours alleging that Diocletian's death was merely being kept secret until Galerius could come to assume power spread through the city. Isbn Barnes, Timothy. 252 Diocletian's reign marks the end of the classical period of Roman law. 294 Social and professional mobility edit Partly in response to economic pressures and in order to protect the vital functions of the state, Diocletian restricted social and professional mobility. Barnes, Constantine and Eusebius, 208213. Diocletian refused and fought a battle with them, but was unable to secure a complete victory. London: Routledge, 1999, page 348. Zonaras,.31; Southern, 331; Williams,. Cherie tries to resistant the building lust, but gives in to her wonton desires. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006. Accessed Barnes, Timothy. 281 The best-preserved Latin inscription surviving from the Greek East, 284 the edict survives in many versions, on materials as varied as wood, papyrus, and stone. Cascio, "The New State of Diocletian and Constantine" (CAH 177.