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This to keep in mind when looking at the available data products most of the land products have pixels decreed to be non-land zeroed out and the water products have the non-water pixels zeroed out. Here the relevant" from the product notice on that: As the aerosol retrieval is supposed to be more accurate on dual-view area, a transition between nadir only and dual view area can be observed in some SYN L2 products. Here an example for a visual color rendering from a full resolution package. Available data products, here is the full table of now publicly available data Sentinel-3A data products. Synergy L2 color composite with no overall nodata masking The yellow spots are what seems to be oscillations in the atmosphere model resulting in invalid values in some of the spectral bands (in particular the blue ones) leading to ghost nodata spots where neither clouds. In the coordinate system that is a long strip of data about pixels which wraps once around the globe. Sentinel-3 L1 slstr nadir Sentinel-3 L1 slstr oblique Sentinel-3 L2 synergy nadir Sentinel-3 L2 synergy oblique As you can see however the position of the oblique view is now completely skewed which is further emphasized by the water and cloud masking not matching the data. Some data in addition has cloud masking applied. As you can see the package footprint display is broken and you can also apparently not specify a spatial search area. Slstr L1 S8 brightness temperature slstr L2 land surface temperature slstr L2 sea surface temperature The Level 2 land surface temperature data is made available in a form quite similar to the Level 1 data with separate files for the geolocation data and other supplementary. Near real time sea surface temperature package from the eastern Mediterranean not time critical sea surface temperature package Combined land surface reflectance products (SYN) So far the products described were those already released in 2017. As a land product it is only available from the ESA download infrastructure. Sentinel-3 data product table, the whole thing is complicated not only because of the two separate sensors but also because in addition you have separate products for land and water. This occurs in particular with very bright areas (snow) and very dark areas and this invalid value masking seems to be done separately for each spectral band. What you also can see from this sample area is that water masking is fairly arbitrary.

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One particularity of the Level 2 temperature data (both land and water) is that the near real time version is provided in the 3 minute orbit segment tiling like the Level 1 data while the not time critical data is made available for the whole. Here is a visualization of them: olci L2 ogvi example olci L2 otci example olci L2 IWV example olci L2 RC681 example olci L2 RC865 example As you can see both water areas and clouds are masked except for the water vapor data where the. So i really cant say i am in any way confident that these people have any idea what they are doing here.r.t. The water masking at least seems to be based on actual water classification and not from an arbitrary and inaccurate pre-defined land water mask as in the temperature and synergy products. With many of the design issues with the products discussed here it seems these are not just simple minor neglects, these are systemic planning problems probably largely the result of the complete lack of familiarity with the very idea of open data products. In addition also sea ice and snow/land ice are not included. This way you leave the decision how to use the data open for the user. Near real time land surface temperature package not time critical land surface temperature package As you can see the land masking is not based on some actual land/water detection but from a fixed ocean mask. The land surface reflectance product is actually not what the product description seems to promise because it contains reflectance values only for two of the olci spectral channels (Oa10 and Oa17, that is red and NIR) plus a few aggregated values calculated from these and. Currently this still works through a separate provisional download portal which requires no registration but it will likely move to the general Sentinel data hub where registration is required. Depending on your application these issues might be a problem or they might not. Olci L1/L2 from before : Available since Sep 2018. Another serious problem is that the nodata mask (that is the set of pixels marked with a dedicated nodata value in this case -10000) differs between spectral bands.

ilge schwäbisch hall single party

a detailed report like i did for the Level-1 data because i wanted to wait for the rest of the products which are significantly more interesting at least for. I mean you have the olci instrument with 21 spectral channels and the only data above the raw Level 1 radiances you can get is this. Packaging and grid sizes are the same as with the other olci products and like the land products packages size for the full resolution packages varies with up to 500-600MB while the reduced resolution packages are about 300-400MB typically. But i kind of have the feeling this is a pretty severely stalled situation. The now newly released products are so called synergy products combining the slstr and olci data. Sentinel-2A: Launch, access since end November 2015 (5 months). Here a few examples showing simple ndvi calculations. The most obvious one is a usually fairly visible step in the pixel values at the edge of the oblique slstr view (see my first Sentinel-3 data review for details). Apparently not all of the nodata pixels are either water areas or clouds, some are also seemingly set as invalid because atmosphere compensation produced extreme values. The food we ordered was well-prepared and hearty. This is a problem that might take decades to overcome paraphrasing the famous Max Planck": The culture of open data does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die (or retire and.

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The sensible thing to do is to flag these areas as such in a separate quality data set but to process them none the less. Sentinel-3 synergy VGP ndvi Sentinel-3 synergy VG1 ndvi Sentinel-3 synergy V10 ndvi Apart from the retrofit character of these products with their compound spectral bands and the reduced resolution only publication the very idea of offering temporarily aggregated data products makes a lot of sense. The last four are the newly released ones. While openly making available this data is supposed to enable and support new innovative applications those people who designed these products quite clearly think they know better than any of the potential data users how the data can be used. These are provided in a plate carrée projection with a nominal 1km resolution at the equator. The common mask for all spectral bands seems to be in this area both very inaccurate and with a systematic offset. Needless to say what is land and what is water is obviously not actually a very reliable definition. Single orbit (VGP 1 day (VG1) and 10 day (V10) vegetation products The other newly released data products are vegetation products consisting of four aggregate bands combined from several olci and slstr bands meant for deriving vegetation indices. Water areas are also not included (including inland water). So far the only real land surface reflectance data you can get is in the synergy products (see below) which has its own limitations. Sentinel-1B: Launch, access since (5 months). So even beyond the principal problem of the water masking there are also a number of serious other issues that make this data product much less useful than it could.

ilge schwäbisch hall single party

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This is not very reliable but rather a fairly conservative masking. For the new synergy data products there are no preview images available at the moment and the previews of the other Level 2 products are in parts of rather limited use. This whole product design concept communicates a highly questionable, arrogant and narrow minded culture and attitude that in many ways sharply contrasts with the basic ideas of the Sentinel program. No cloud masking seems to be performed in this data product but there seems to be no data generated for very cold areas of the Antarctic interior as well as very hot areas above 345K (visible in the Iran image above). Given it was winter, we didn't get to use the outdoor terrace, but it certainly looks like a wonderful spot to enjoy. Here an example from an area where this is particularly visible. Olci water surface reflectance in the visible spectrum As you can see not only the land is masked but also clouds and sun glint on the right side. The slstr geolocation problem i pointed out in my first review is still unfixed and this would be a simple bugfix as far as i can tell, nothing with serious political implications. If that is the case the question is of course why they dont compensate for the systematic offset leading to the visible edge.

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Swingerclub nur für paare sky blue movie kostenlos Sentinel-3 ESA data access hub, the water data products are however not available through the ESA infrastructure they can be accessed novum bielefeld öffnungszeiten erotik nylon through eumetsat. These are so called synergy products which combine both olci and slstr data. Sentinel-2B: Launch, access since end (4 months). Both the ESA and the eumetsat interface can be scripted so you dont have to use the. In a majority of products, this transition is visible through sharp differences in the Aerosol Optical thickness Values.
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Geile nuten kostenlose frauen porno The reduced resolution packages are usually around 200MB in size. And even around these spots in the first variant you can see a yellow halo of severely erotik niedersachsen nach der disco gefickt distorted surface reflectance values meaning that the masking does not actually exclude all pixels where the atmsophere compentation fails to work correctly while it does exclude areas where.
Einsame frauen bludenz ludwigshafen am rhein The very idea that an image pixel can only be either water or land is in itself pretty absurd. In contrast to geile frauen suchen mann kostenlos alte sexfilme the other data products all data is in one file which is none the less zipped into the usual package. There are also some other serious quality problems. It took more than another year for this to happen a few days ago with a total time from satellite launch to the full data release of nearly 32 months or more than 1/3 of the satellite lifetime. First the version with all pixels with a nodata value in any of the spectral bands set to black synergy L2 color composite with all nodata masked And for comparison the version with nodata pixels set to zero independently for every band and then assembled.