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Starring Cybill Troy and Fetish Liza. Without ifs and buts! Und da er sich absolut nicht benehmen konnte, wird er dazu verdammt, die Kloschüssel sauber zu lecken. Der kleine Scheißer wird schon noch lernen, absoluten Gehorsam an den Tag zu legen. (Rubber Ass Smothering Extreme Anal Stretching). Because he could not behave, he also has to lick the toilet bowl clean. Stick out your tongue and lick it all! FBB Wrestling Videos 19:04 17:52 13:41 14:43 16:02 15:11 10:10 9:34 13:03 17:58 15:32 12:24 13:47 12:45 12:32 13:11 14:15 8:14 16:10 11:56 11:51 7:13 13:49 11:21 15:38 13:32 13:14 12:01 14:12 15:07 11:15 13:57 19:47 4:07 12:39 12:12 15:27 site navigation more muscle support. Holding hands deep inside of him, they push farther and farther, leaving their pet broken and exhausted. With the assistance of her visiting guest, Fetish Liza, Miss Troy is going to ensure that this early bedtime will leave the gimp fully subdued and unable disturb anyone. Having already secured her gimp in tight rubber mummification, Miss Troy begins the process that will ensure full compliance and also cause some vivid dreams (nightmares?) as well. Swallow every little drop, slave!

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Rein mit seinem Kopf, bis zum Würgen! Dafür tackert Herrin Anny seine freche Hand mit ihrem Stiefel am Boden fest, als Herrin Blackdiamoond in seine abartige Sklavenfresse pisst. In weiser Voraussicht, dass er sich diese Strafe einhandeln wird, haben die Herrinnen den Rand schon mit Scheiße- und Pisseflecken vorbereitet. The two Mistresses install a huge inflatable butt plug in the gimp, followed by heavy dosing, breath control under their latex gloved hands and most effective of all at rendering utter surrender, extreme smothering under Miss Troys impeccable ass. Keywords: latex, rubber, mummification, hand over mouth, gassing, anal stretching, extreme, anal, humiliation, rubber, bondage, strapon, ass smothering, face sitting, femdom, fetish liza, cybill troy. Category: strap-ON, related Categories: extreme domination, ASS smothering, double anal, rubber fetish, anal. Zunge raus und wischen! Duration: 00:05:22, format: mp4, resolution: 1920x1080, fileSize: 275 MB, tAGS: mistress blackdiamoond, herrin blackdiamoond, delicate slave humiliation, feinste sklavenerniedrigung, mistress anny, herrin anny, toilet worship, toilet licking, latex fetish, latex dress, boot fetish, black latex boots, boot domination, bootdom, hand trampling, boot trampling, masked slave. Wanking your dick on the toilet, while Mistress Blackdiamoond and Mistress Anny surround you. In return, Mistress Anny staples his hands to the floor with the sharp heels of her boots, as Mistress Blackdiamoond's pissing into his abnormal, dirty mouth. Description: How dare you, slave! Continue reading Femdom 2018 Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League Bedtime for Gimps! Und das, während Herrin Blackdiamoond und Herrin Anny ihn umzingeln.

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Keep dunking your head until you're retching! Before tucking him in for the night, Cybill Troy wants to stretch out her gimp to keep it ready for her future use. Femdom 2018 Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League Bedtime for Gimps! With their shiny bed occupant confused, short of breath and at their mercy, Miss Troy and Miss Liza set about violating the gimp with other large implements, all the while Miss Troy maintains the dosing and exquisite airtight ass smothering. GIF preview: Download link: Download File (275.8 MB) or Watch Clip Online. As both Mistresses already expected his failure, they prepared the edges with dried drops of piss and shit. Schlucken muss er das alles, ohne wenn und aber! Cybill Troy will ensure that her gimp will be tucked up and also fucked up before being put down for the night, tucked in and immobilized with a rubber sheet and his dosing mask on his face. Keep dunking your head until you're retching! Before tucking him in for the night, Cybill Troy wants to stretch out her gimp to keep it ready for her future use.